Rawls Violin Studio & Performance | 2021 Student Recital

Friday, July 2 2021 at 6:00 PM

Max Blackburn      Minuet in G     J.S. Bach

Trey Messier      Hunter’s Chorus     C. M. von Weber

Sullivan Blackburn      Minuet     L. Boccherini

Zachary Briddel      Millionaire’s Hoedown     H. Clebanoff

Jackie Willis      The Boy Paganini Fantasia     E. Mollenhauer

Evan Lee      Sonatina, Op.100- Allegro Risoluto     A. Dvorak

Jack Johnson      Concerto No. 3 in G Major, Op.12- Allegro Risoluto     F. Seitz

Matthew Lee      Symphonie Espagnole- Allegro non Troppo     E. Lalo

On Friday, July 2 2021, violin students of Rawls Violin Studio & Performance put on their first live recital in almost 2 years. Putting together a violin recital in Raleigh can be difficult under the best of circumstances, but facing the logistical challenges of finding an appropriate venue, getting students accustomed to playing with a pianist, and simply getting over the jitters after so much time away from performance due to Covid-19 added extra layers. Fortunately, students came ready to play.

After what had seemed like an eternity away from being able to perform, the students from Rawls Violin Studio & Performance did not disappoint. Showing their dedication to violin lessons in Raleigh NC, each student was at his or her very best, playing with rhythmic accuracy, solid intonation, contrasting dynamics and a beauty of sound. All levels of study were on display, and whether a beginning, intermediate, or advanced violin student, each played beautifully. Many Thanks to Soledad Bridell, Soapstone United Methodist Church and pianists Natalie Khatibzadeh and Andra Willis.Take a look at the recital below.

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